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I started blogging as a hobby when I was pursuing my degree in Mechanical Engineering. Receiving motivation from the readers, I shaped a startup students’ journal – The World Reporter, which is doing well at the basic level. I built a small management team, recruited interns and accepted contributions from around the world. I left my job at IBM and came altogether into development (administration and design), promotion and creating content for the journal. Working here full time, I experienced increase in our revenue, traffic, and Alexa ranking. We achieved new sponsors, recognition from various universities and institutes including a formal tie up with Lund University of Sweden under the category of selected internet based magazines, and journals on South Asia.

The World Reporter is an open online students’ journal with a motive of making news media open and more free, changing the traditional way of how news is delivered. Students are the most active and promising pillar of a democracy, The World Reporter provide students around the world an established platform to express their views on the global issues or the issues in their country that needs international attention.

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The Team

Spread across the ocean, The World Reporter is an ever expanding team of enthusiastic and talented students from Singapore, India, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and the United States. It is an only platform in the world where school going students and students pursuing masters and doctorates interact and express their knowledge and opinion together, creating ample opportunity for networking for young students.

Luciana Andreea

Luciana Andreea

Chief Editor

Shamit Shrivastava

Shamit Shrivastava


Kseniya Ponomareva

Kseniya Ponomareva

Russian Interpretor

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    Founder, CEO

    New Delhi


  • Manage Content and Finances
  • Administration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations


  • January 2014
    A report published in Ukraine's leading news paper.
  • 2011
    North Country Model United Nations
    A report by North Country Model United Nations
  • 2011
    A leading Russian news agency
  • 2011
    Lund University
    Selected internet based magazines, and journals on South Asia
  • 2012
    University of Virginia
    A report by University of Virginia
  • January 2012
    Centre For Strategic and International Studies
    A report by Centre For Strategic and International Studies.
  • December 2012
    International Society for Environmental Information Sciences.
    A research paper published on International Society for Environmental Information Sciences.
  • 2012
    Institut d’études Politiques de Paris (SciencePo.)
    A report by Centre d’études et de Recherches Internationales , Institut d’études Politiques de Paris (SciencePo.)
  • 2012
    Lockwood Analytical Method for Prediction
    A report by Lockwood Analytical Method for Prediction, Sponsored by American Military University

Research Projects

  • Influence of Bollywood in former Soviet Union

    Understanding the depth of penetration of Bollywood in the society of former Soviet Union

    To learn more about Bollywood’s influence in former USSR, The World Reporter Research took this up as a project. We randomly asked people of former Soviet Union from different regions across the length and breadth of erstwhile USSR with the help of Social Media, online surveys and manual surveys by our friends and student journalists based in the former USSR.

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  • Ukraine: East Vs West

    Amidst the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, our research aims to understand what native Ukrainians really think

    While Ukraine is in the midst of a crisis, foreign media have been doing their best to propagate their own propaganda. Western media came out to the full support of European Union and the protests, whereas Russian media did their best criticizing the protests and supporting the Ukrainian government.

    At the time when divided media is dividing public opinion, it is very important to understand what actually is happening in Ukraine. For this reason, we surveyed native Ukrainians asking their opinion on recent protests and we got mixed responses as we had expected.

    The survey was done asking a set of questions in person, on website and on social media from people belonging to different age groups, genders and regions of Ukraine.

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